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The Cultural Association SKA Ayurveda – Italian Institute of Ayurvedic Research, which is a non profit, aims to foster the development of cultural, recreational, entertainment, social promotion by providing appropriate assistance to their members and / is licensed and its organization is governed by statutory.

The goal is to form a cultural group, social promotion, extra training and to contribute to greater knowledge and awareness of man to have respect and responsibility towards themselves and others, promoting respect inviolable rights of the person and integration, aggregation, and cultural exchanges in a holistic point of view.

The dissemination of knowledge, fundamentals, physical, mental well-being and spiritual, in order to promote the management of the health conscious, offering a critical view of integrated various means of support available and training of every individuals and group-target the personal and social well-being.

The promotion of cultural activities related to the dissemination of science and eastern philosophies, (ayurveda, yoga, astrology, etc..) courses, seminars, conferences, symposia, in collaboration with associations and institutions at national and international level. A place of meetings and aggregation in the name of cultural interests, fulfilling the social function of aging and human and civil growth.

Dissemination of practice and relaxation techniques, creating training courses of varying lengths that develop the themes ,olistica in general with particular emphasis toayurveda. And sharing experiences with members and others through training with individual respect and mutual sharing of all holistic disciplines.