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Analysis of the circumstances of life will show that, alimentation, depends on the mode of living.
In the formation of thought in our mind, diet plays an important role. The food that we once treated gives color to our own vital impulses. The same bones and blood are shaped by the food we take. The foods which are not adulterated or dead is the source of life. This is why all Masters of spiritual path always insisted on complete abstinence from any kind of meat, fish, poultry, and eggs (fertile and not fertilized), from all alcoholic beverages, intoxicants and all substances othat makes conditioned our body and mind. As thoughts and other light within us as animal passions that makes us insensitive to the higher impulses of life. “As you think so you become”says an old aphorism, and it can be added “What is the food that is the mind”.

In the creation there are five classes or types of life according to the number and amount of tattwa (elements) by which consists of:

  1. In the first class only one element predominates, the other four are present in small quantities and are latent. This class includes the rocks and all kinds of menirals. prevails the element earth . We also find plants, plants and all vegetation that dominates the element of water. There are plants that, once dried losing nine-tenths of its weight.
  2. Prevail in the second class creatures composed of two elements (fire and air) and includes the insects and the like.
  3. The third class contains the birds with three elements (water, fire, air)
  4. The fourth class includes the animals and quadrupeds such as cattle, horses, and so on. They are active in all aspects with the exception of tattwa Akash (ether), this is the reason for their low intelligence.
  5. The man belongs to the fifth class with a strong body in which they are present in perfect proportion all five elements.

The ether, air, fire, water and earth, the five basic elements, occur in the human body as three basic principles, mood, known as tridosha. From the evidence of age and manifests the principle of the body called Vata. In Sanskrit terminology this principle called vata dosha. The elements of fire and water occur together in the body as the principle of fire called Pitta . The elements of earth and water is reflected in the aqueous humor as Kapha body.
Knowing yourself is the key of balance between nature and man, The tridosha are responsible for the emergence of natural impulses and preferences in food, their taste, temperature and so on. They govern the creation, maintenance and destruction of body tissues and the elimination of waste products from the body. They are also responsible for psychological phenomena, including certain emotions such as fear, anger, greed, and the higher degree of human emotions such as understanding, compassion and love. In this way, tridosha are the foundation of psychosomatic in man.

In our center we meet twice a month to speak on nutrition, day Saturday 20:30 - 21:30