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Beauty in Ayurveda: “balance of outer and inner beauty

Ayurveda is revealed by the sages (Rishi) thousands of years ago in order to understand its principles of health and welfare: both health and welfare, are created and destroyed. Ayurveda, the science of longevity, promotes the health and natural beauty

When we speak of beauty in Ayurveda, the outside reflects the inside. The external beauty is what we see and that includes the body, skin, the quality of hair, nails, etc..
But the secret of true beauty is the inner energy, the inspiration that takes place to balance the internal to the outside world. It takes time, patience and preparedness to learn and develop these special qualities.

This is the real point of maturity that is born in the depths of our being and gives us incomparable beauty, inner experience that everyone can see.

When we can balance the internal components and the external components in our hand , then we obtain the secret to reach the Beauty.
Beauty reveals the inner quality of the person, including the state of emotions and mental abilities. The physical characteristics are determined from birth and these are the result of his actions in previous lives. The physical body is formed from the diet and lifestyle, so if your diet and lifestyle is appropriate, we can teach our minds to cultivate a positive thought. As the body is purified to be reinforced and externally show its beauty, so the mind can be disciplined.

The beginning of all this is to find out “Who we are” and start to care and to love ourselves. This leads to a natural well-being and helps to develop great potential for human activities and act towards the world with compassion and love.

In our center we practice and gives treatments and Ayurvedic diets for beauty.