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Essays in ancient and modern have asked:
What is this knowledge of which makes everything else known?"

And they all replied “Knowledge of the Higher Self, the True Man”, The Supreme Knowledge is what is linked, in both theory and practice, the true nature of man and his relationship with God really is a natural science without hypothesis and not subject to time or to change.

Man is composed of body, mind (intellect) and soul. We are usually full of care for our physical mental, but we understand very little of which is the power that controls the body and the mind. The joys are not physical impairment, there are obvious limitations in the body and mind and for this we must seek within ourselves the perennial source of joy and peace. Meditation is the first step in this direction.

We see around us, and also feel that every thing, from the smallest atom of the mighty, all is governed by a law of nature, as for the deep thinker there is nothing chaotic, accidental or of uncertain this universe and the laws that govern it. To achieve a given goal, there is a law of nature, a principle and a consequent method to examine, test and evaluate the results of our efforts. So is this science of nature, and similar methods can be traced from any careful scholar in all religious scriptures, expressed in different words in different languages.

We have just a faint spark of love that can nurture the hope.......

In the past, nature has provided to us physically and spiritually. Today, it acts the same and unchangeable law will continue to be so in the future. There is food for the hungry and water for those who have thirst. Supply and demand operate in nature.

In our center we practice meditation every week.