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Our resort is equipped with traditional BAHAY KUBO where you can enjoy and experience the filipino traditional way of living, by eating in a banana leaves plates (bao nang Niyog) and drinking in  baso made of bamboo. 
You can find Italiana Resort at Pundaquit, a small fishery village where you can enjoy the hospitality and warm welcome of the villagers.
Facing the open ocean of the China Sea, Pundaquit is located in San Antonio, Zambales, three hours distance from Manila. It maintains its calm shorelines as it is sheltered by Capones and Camara islands. 

Pundakit Resort is rich in natural resources with its beautiful scenery mountains, islands and wonderful barrier reef. Pundakit is arising as one of the most important resort for all the tourists looking for a substantial place to explore and a special holiday to rest.  

Italian Pundakit Resort is the perfect place to enjoy the sun, the
 beach and the waves. This place offers its beauty and resources for an incredible experience.

Italiana Pundakit Resort in collaboration with SKA Foundation extends humanitarian services and medical missions by giving a hand to people in extreme poverty.
We invite everyone to open your heart by joining us in this project.