Dr. Subhash Ranade

Dr. Subhash Ranade
President - IAA Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA.
Aayuryoga Academy "Salutes" him for his contribution to promotion and propagation of Ayurveda on International platform for last 25 years.

Dott.ssa Basiliza T. Querimit

Dr. Basiliza T. Querimit
President and founder Italian Institute of Ayurvedic Research Italy, SKA Foundation Filippines,
Accredited specialist in the field of Ayurvedic Massage, She is the representative of INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE in Italy, obstetrics, Naturopath. She practicesTraditional Ayurvedic massage in Italy for over 18 years. Conducting courses, conferences and seminars of ayurveda. Descendent from a family of 3 generations involved in the traditional Ayurvedic massage.

Dr Sanchi Mohan Sarpotdar

Dr. Sanchi Mohan Sarpotdar
BEMS, MSE health Science, Ayurvedic Physician
Assistant Academy Director of AAyuryoga, Coordinator of International Somatibai Shah Ayurveda College Hadapsar, Pune India.
Work as a researcher and author of Research in Ayurveda and statistical methodology. State faculty research project data base in ayurveda. He traveled in various countries of Europe for the promulgation of Ayurveda in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and USA.