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The Center, S. K. A. Ayurveda was establish to spread science and Eastern philosophy, and is specialize in science of Ayurveda.
It is dedicated to the three great master of Sant Mat, Sawan, Kirpal, Ajaib.

Since 1994, the association conducts seminars, conferences and courses, with experience in the field of massage for three generations.
In 1994 has received recognition by the International Academy of Ayurveda, Pune, India.
In 1997 was credited by the Open International University of Complementary Medicine Colombo Sri Lanka and recognized by The International Multidisciplinary Scientific Society on Alternative Medicine (AT ALMA ATA, 1962).
In 2008, accredited and certified - CSEN body promoting sport recognized by CONI recognized by the Internal Ministry of the Government - FederItalia Sports an authority and member of Csen, National Promotion Company recognized by the Ministry of Social Solidarity. .
In 2008 has received recognition from the University of Mumbai to conduct courses in Ayurveda (Center for Extra-Mural Studies ) together with AAyuryoga Academy Pune Maharastra India.

The SKA Ayurveda Center is a cultural association which has as its purpose:
  • the promotion of cultural, recreational, entertainment, social promotion by providing appropriate assistance to their members and / or licensed to the organization of national belonging as well as better specified below in Statutory social norms. Dissemination of science and Eastern philosophies through courses, conferences, lectures and seminars in collaboration with organizations nationally and internationally;
  • act as a meeting place and aggregation in the name of cultural interests, fulfilling the social function of aging and human and civil growth, with the application of natural treatments, and specializes in the science of Ayurveda.
The center, which is located at Via privata Attilio Moro 6, 20094 Corsico Milano is a meeting place and aggregation in the name of cultural interests, fulfilling the social function of all human growth and civil, through the application of natural treatments.