Ayurveda massage brings benefits in physical and psychological disorders, relieves and balances the five elements that make up the human body (ether, air, fire, water and earth), massaging, you can prolong the duration of life and ensure that people spend old age free of disease, without any physical and mental disabilities, it strengthens the immune system to create balance between body, mind and spirit.

Possible treatments are carried out by members and associates to the member by the association or institution affiliating under mutual consensus. The treatments are not therapeutic (in the medical sense) it brings benefits in the level of bionergetico and muscle relaxation.

Headache Sinusitis Cervical
Osteoarthritis Lumbar pain Rheumatism
Earn diskh Stress Anxiety
Depression Muscle stiffness / tension Hyperacidity
Constipation Obesity

trattamenti_img49 Kaya-Seka o Pizhichil

trattamenti_img10 Padabhyanga (massage of the feet)
The soles of the feet are in close relation with the eyes and ears. The massage of the give relieve to dryness, numbness, roughness, fatigue, lack of sensitivity, the cracking of the soles of the feet, sciatica, cramps and the contraction of the ligaments, vessels and muscles of lower limbs . A massage of the feet induce someone sleep at night. An excellent recipe for digestion.
trattamenti_img7 Udvartana (anointing)
A massage in which a paste is applied on the body and is left to dry slightly and then gently rubbed to remove the pulp. Eliminates the bad odor of the body, by the heaviness, drowsiness, itching, helps in the removal of fat, and promotes healthy skin.
netrabasti Netra Basti (Akshitarpana)
) Netra, Sanskrit eye. The applcation of ghee (clarified butter) over the eyes. Prepared a thick dough, with which it achieves a coverage of about 3.8 cm. in height and about 2.5 cm thick that is applied around the eye cavity, to form an upside protection around the eyes.
The space between the skin and cover the dough should be sealed well. We should asks the person to close their eyes and first we have to check the temperature of the ghee. The ghee should be poured over the eyes of the person and the person is asked to move slightly the eyes without moving his head.
trattamenti_img17 Karna purana (filling of oil)
Pour oil in the ears. The ears and eyes are in close relationship with the plant foot. Pouring oil in the ears fells a cooling sensation , which removes the burning sensation of the feet. It treats many disorders of the organs, such as headache, jaw locked, stiff neck and dizziness, also correct the disorders of the teeth and gums.
trattamenti_img13 Nasya
Is one of panchakarma, five methods of purification.
Here we consider the Nasya only in relation to massage.
The application of medication through the nose. The nose is the only organ of the senses directly connected to the brain. The nose and the skull contain important marma. Nasya can be a complete therapy in itself, because it is a method of purification in which dosha is vitiated physically and thrown out of the body.
trattamenti_img34 Taila Dhara (pouring of oil on the head)
One of the therapies for the treatment of many disorders that are in relation to the head, neck, ears, nose, throat, and nervous system. It helps to treat a person with a long trouble of insomnia and various types of psychological disorders.Oil or other types of decoction is use on this type of treatrment it is poured on the forehead between the eyebrows in a constant streams. If oil is used is called (taila Dhara), milk (takra Dhara).